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And a little bit of history...

In the beginning

A little bit of history about what we do at Hostatiq.host

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking

Hostatiq.host was registered as the vanguard for deployment of a cutting-edge, comprehensive, and intuitive web hosting concept introduced as Humanized Web Hosting. After devoting many long months to careful planning, development, and testing, our company has come up with an innovative web hosting solution that, we sincerely believe, has the potential to become a quantum leap in the evolution of today's known web hosting.

Businessman write over word 'impossible'

You’re probably wondering why we decided to do web hosting differently. This all stems from the principles that our company stands for. Although it is quite obvious that we are essentially a web hosting company, we have (and are still working on) positioned ourselves as a unique provider of web hosting services that, with risk of sounding a little pretentious, sets us apart from today's slightly predictable setups which have become so common in the hosting industry.

We totally understand the position of our valued patrons when they decide to create or publish content for the web. Depending on your objective and skills, you may need to assemble a number of things to make it all possible, such as putting in long hours to create the necessary content to put on your (for example) website or blog, code your own script, getting a decent web hosting company for your content, as well as looking for the best web hosting deals available. At first glance, it looks like we’re all set to do web hosting, but there is more to web hosting than just running codes and scripts and leasing web space and bandwidth for your digital content. The simple concept of exploring the human side of web hosting served as the inspiration behind Humanized Web Hosting.

The idea of utilizing a human component in web hosting is based on our belief that the human user is an underutilized resource when it comes to hosting content on the web.

The Internet is used by billions of users, each with unique backgrounds, disciplines, and goals. With this in mind, our company recognized the need to develop a web hosting concept platform which could tap into this diverse resource and provide a one-of-a-kind web hosting service that could, hopefully, present itself as the next step in web hosting evolution.

Our company envisions Humanized Web Hosting as a possible revolutionary approach to web hosting. The fusion of human and technological perspectives in the web hosting sphere in relation to Web 2.0 standards creates an opportunity to take web hosting to a whole new level. To keep up with the fast pace of publishing web content, hosting companies need to address the gaps between client needs and the technology available, including gaps in terms of marketing and security.

As a user of web hosting service technology, you might have wondered how this can further improve your online experience. Is there anything beyond clicking buttons and typing text into boxes? As the Internet evolves and as human users become more immersed with the technology driving cyberspace towards new horizons, questions will inevitably arise. Humanized Web Hosting seeks to help address such questions by offering a web hosting solution which provides a more personalized experience for every web hosting user.

Our company prides itself on the fact that we perform hosting services through multiple levels, allowing us to create a well-rounded solution for every user concerned. By partnering with prominent dot-com companies, our company has consistently provided more value for web hosting users. Hostatiq.host seeks to emerge as the web hosting provider of choice with its unique business approach as well as its extensive network of business partners.

Who We Are

Hostatiq.host – Your angles bending the throttle among the clouds in the digital cosmos

“Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting. In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone.”

Jaron Lanier

The macrocosm teems with breakthrough after breakthrough from an overwhelming influx of innovations man can hardly keep abreast of. Just the last 10 years alone have delivered the speed of such display of technological wizardry that goes beyond the wildest dreams of the great minds of the past century. We jumped onto the virtual bandwagon in 2002 and looking back, we are ecstatic to see the fruits of our labor. Emerging unscathed and unbowed in the digital “wars” is a feat. We are, however, sensitive to the fact that behind the novelty of every celebrated artifact of technology is the individual or group of individuals who dared to explore the unknown and unravel the enigma of the digital universe.

We consider our human capital as our greatest resources. We recognize their inherent uniqueness as individuals whether they are creative or technically inclined, workaholics or nine-to-five workers, outspoken or reserved. We value and encourage diversity in our workforce as rich sources of ingenious and effective solutions help address business challenges and allow the company to remain responsive to the ever-existing and multi-faceted needs of our clientele. Our workforce shares a universal passion for technology and we sustain and support their zeal by keeping them addicted in a positive way as productive visionaries of technology. Thus, we collaborate and innovate to offer you an absolutely no-hassle web hosting on cloud* service.

With such a great pool of dedicated people joining forces to put our web hosting company’s Humanized Web Hosting philosophy into action, Hostatiq.host stands out as a truly user-friendly web hosting on cloud.* To do this, we reinvented the term user-friendly to mean user-centered, by incorporating not only the technical components in ISO 9126 / ISO 25010 specifications, which are relevant only to clients with technical expertise.

Doctor investigates hostatiq logo

Hostatiq.host caters to all people who may or may not be in the higher echelons of the technological savvy class. We are, therefore, offering not just “a” web hosting service, but “the” totally new web hosting experience by prioritizing quality attributes for comfort, pleasure, trust, security, likability, and support, which are practically all that matters to ordinary people for a wholesome interface with technology. Lest it be forgotten, the Internet was developed for the service of humanity, thus any application and service that broadens the benefits of interconnectivity should put human users at the top of the priority list.

Hostatiq.host offers you the Humanized Web Hosting experience crafted by our talented workforce, the unknown heroes of the digital ”wars”. The credit goes to our home-grown and unnamed talents, but recognized and acclaimed heroes, here at Hostatiq.host. We are inviting you to savor the Hostatiq.host experience structured by our most treasured group of people in the company, our heroes, for the most important people we endeavor to serve via web hosting on cloud* – YOU.

Incidentally, you must be enthralled by Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s latest exploit off the edge of space when he skydived from the stratosphere and beat the speed of sound on his descent back to the ground. He is the latest addition to the list of heroes who defied the odds and treaded the unknown to take their place in history as the first man to break the sound barrier sans mechanical power. Famous heroes really do inspire humanity. Nevertheless, even unknown heroes make the world turn – we know neither who piloted the capsule Baumgartner rode on his ascent for the spectacular skydive nor who manned the Mission Control that ensured the safety of the dive, but they are heroes as well, in their own respects. These unknown heroes devotedly set the stage for Baumgartner, the famous hero, to perfect his breath-taking act. In the same way, the unknown heroes of Hostatiq.host design the conditions for Humanized Web Hosting to prop you up for the success of your great mission on the World Wide Web.

Our Philosophy

Hostatiq.host is geared towards consistently trailblazing technologies for web hosting

We blaze the trail by pushing boundaries towards a specific direction – Humanized Web Hosting for a distinct experience in web hosting on cloud.* With this service philosophy, naturally, standing out in a large crowd of web hosting service providers is definitely not a problem. However, our earnest desire to pioneer in cutting-edge technology for our cherished clients is not to stand out from the crowd, but honestly, it’s because we cannot figure out how to do it any other way. That's the core of who we are, what we are standing for, and that is certainly how we want to stay. As professionals, we have been in the web hosting business sector for quite a long time and our hosting related business projects stood the test of time and survived the onslaught of global recession, gained respectable revenue, and we are definitely here to stay.

Staying is, however, an understatement. We refuse to simply survive and exist. We are taking the responsibility to be part and parcel of cloud* web hosting history by supplying inputs, expertise, and packaged experiences. Hostatiq.host will make its presence felt in this extremely competitive sector of digital services by literally assuming the role of a trailblazer as we mark the path and contribute in terms of milestones to the evolution and development of web hosting on cloud.*

hostatiq.host Philosophy Model

We also understand that trailblazing in the digital cosmos may draw criticism from skeptics that such a stance is a leap of faith. Yet, we are not strategizing based on ballpark figures. We have been there and we are aware of what it takes to be part of history – not as a lesson learned, but as a model to emulate. While it may be more comfortable to stay on the safer side and go with the flow, we also believe that only dead fish are swept away by the flowing current. Besides, the cornerstones of our business have been laid, and with the foundation securely addressed, all we need is to build on and render the finishing touches.

The ubiquity of the global Web is propagated through a symbiotic relationship with web hosting. Thus, hosting is a fundamental component of interconnectivity on the World Wide Web. The market for web hosting is continuously growing at an amazing pace, corollary to the growth of Internet usage worldwide. Surprisingly, the web hosting market is driven not just by steadily increasing demand, but by stiff competition among other web hosting providers. Trailblazing gets the company moving, while others who opt to be safe and simply survive are stationary; we are driven by the fact that it is harder to take down a moving target.

Through the Humanized Web Hosting philosophy, our vision of facilitating digital interconnectivity by serving the humane side of the users will be our legacy to web hosting on cloud.* Never again shall a human be relegated as a second-priority factor in web hosting service design.

Our approach

The Internet provides an extremely diverse collection of online content which caters to an equally diverse set of users. Such content is capable of reaching out to users of all genders, ages, occupations, disciplines, religious and political beliefs, ideologies, and other preferences. Therefore, it is comparatively safe to state that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to addressing the needs of web hosting users. By harnessing technological innovations such as OS, hardware and application virtualisation concepts and merging it with our company’s vision, the resulting Humanized Web Hosting concept presents a more intuitive and more logical approach to web hosting.

Approach illustration

Our approach doesn’t just rely on technology alone. The Humanized Web Hosting concept acknowledges the fact that web hosting users have different needs, making it necessary to give an utmost personalized service for each. Therefore, aside from technology itself, another crucial component of web hosting includes the processes involved in identifying the most appropriate technology to address a client’s needs, as well as shaping a specific technology into a form from which a client would receive the most benefit.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

This quote from the well-known science fiction writer best describes our guiding philosophy. A century ago, the concept that would now be known as the Internet would be considered as something short of magical in a sense. However, the Internet we know today is as commonplace as bread. The shift from being an obscure idea into a world-changing phenomenon can describe how our dream of a Humanized Web Hosting solution became a reality.

hostatiq.host Web Service Diagram

The common practice of pushing a long-standing technology to its limits up to the point of mediocrity is practically an excellent way of ensuring the failure of such a hosting scaled business. Instead, in order to gain a large clientele, a company should be able to establish itself as a preferred provider by going beyond the “profit first” mentality. While this may be surprisingly ironic for a business venture, it is a common belief that money is (not) everything. To be able to spread the benefits of Humanized Web Hosting to the world would serve as Hostatiq.host’s lasting legacy, something which cannot be translated into monetary terms.

Technology-wise, we will not drown you with technical mumbo-jumbo just to make an impression. We will tell and show you why we believe our technology is superior, clear and simple. We’ll start with the hardware. Our environmentally-friendly core hardware systems were designed to cut down energy costs by a significant degree. When the situation calls, our IT infrastructure is designed to be scalable and easily upgradeable – without any downtime. Here we have pushed a possible 'no single point of failure' setup to its very highest limit. In some aspect we consider it as “art” more than a technological solution.

Software-wise, our humanized hosting concept on cloud* facilitates delivery of a comprehensive solutions package for our clients. By taking the best technologies available and shaping them into customized software solutions, our clients are guaranteed the benefits of a faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly humanized hosting-inspired system. On the top of that, offering our customers world unique added values comes therefore as a natural extension to an already unique hosting concept.

Data Center

Embracing the Humanized Web Hosting concept means applying it in everything that we do. Since this concept promotes a comprehensive process of identifying and adapting the best tools for a client’s specific needs, half-thought, half-baked and shabbily-done solutions have no place in the company. We strive to work with the best people using the best tools for the job. To make this possible, our data center infrastructure is housed in a secure facility with the following features:

Data Center

  • Utilizing a multimillion dollar’s worth of equipment*
  • Access to high speed network and ISPs
  • Manned 24/7 by certified and professional staff
  • SSAE-16 (SAS70) Compliant & HIPAA Compliant Facilities
  • Fitted with reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment
  • Direct Peering to networks as Microsoft™, Facebook™, Google™
  • 24/7 connectivity from multiple service providers
  • Fiber optic connections
  • and much more...
Server Room at hostatiq.host


Hostatiq.host understands that the success of any webmaster project also depends on the support it receives from its web hosting provider. Our company features support channels for phone, email, and chat support available on a 24/7/365 day basis. All support channels, knowledgebase, and helpdesk functions are manned by a highly-trained workforce. The majority of inquiries received from all channels are addressed within an hour of receipt, with a significant portion of inquiries resolved within minutes.

hostatiq.host Support Center

As a part of the Humanized Web Hosting experience, our support staff has been trained to handle multiple user types, from beginner to expert levels. We are aware that not all web hosting clients are the same. While some clients would require assistance with a single line of code or with the Web Site Builder, other clients would need help for multiple pages of scripts. Or some, with nothing at all. Regardless of the inquiry, our support staff understands that not everyone is a professional. Therefore, the company has introduced training initiatives for support staff with regards to handling multiple client knowledge and skill levels, as stated in our Terms of Service with our clients.


Unlike companies and organizations which tend to soley rest on their laurels, we at Hostatiq.host believe that true success can only be achieved by people who continuously refine and reinvent themselves regardless of the situation. Being one step ahead of the competition also means being one step closer towards the “next big thing” in web hosting technology. Our company does not sit idle waiting for an innovative product or service to arrive – we create it. To think out of the box today means one step closer to tomorrow’s web hosting technology. Who knows? In some dark garage or apartment, the “next big thing” in web hosting technology could probably be in its early stages.

Chalkboard with the following text on it: 1) Refine HUMANIZED H. concept to v2.0. 2) Change Hostatiq.host Gradient! 3) Ask Sabrina for a date(?) 4) Save the world.  5) Take a break.

Whether you’re a new or expert online entrepreneur, blogger, or website owner, you should be aware that having your website or online project hosted is not enough. Being busy with maintaining a website can be a stressful activity for some. With our innovative service, we want to reassure you that we remove any hassle for you from day one. We are aware that anyone claiming to be the “best web hosting company solution in the world” would actually be foolish to do so. Why? Because there is practically no company qualified to make such a claim.

In a fast-paced competitive-tight industry such as web hosting, from time to time, there will always be some individual, company or organization that will come up with something new, fresh, better or revolutionary. However, our founders and staff have been in the front seat of innovation for years. As our guarantee to our valued customers, whatever beneficial innovation that we, or someone else come up with, rest assured that you will be in the front row to take advantage of it.

Hostatiq Executives
111 Day Money Back Guarantee - Instant Activation

* Hosting plan dependent. Final deployment of our global housed network that will round off our custom-built hosting infrastructure will take place during the Q2 2019. Until then, some functions and services may not be available to part of our client base.

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