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Humanized Web Hosting is synonym for an innovative and unique hosting platform architecture and philosophy that aims to gives you, the user, the possibility to utilize the best of what web hosting technology can offer today - but without all those trivialities and distractions that are normally in the way to your goal(s) online. Simplified, adapted and enhanced without cutting corners, with unique added value as a base foundation.
You can pay with PayPal, 2CO and by commonly accepted payment and credit cards. At this time we do not accept “envelope” money orders, banking checks or Western Union transfers.
After your payment has been made we will dispatch your login credentials within 1-3 minutes 24/7/365*.
*Some orders may require an additional manual security check, after which it can take up to 24 hours to approve after you submit the necessary information to us.
Yes we do, and it is a unique kind in the hosting industry. We are utilizing an unconditional 111 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please read more here.
Yes, we can*. Just choose option 'Migration from another host' during ordering process. Our support department will then contact you to obtain the necessary information to enable the migration. If possible, please contact us before for pre-approval if your account is currently on non-cpanel based server.

Hosting Plans Pre-Sales FAQ

Not at all. In fact, our client zone and control panel are built especially with non-technological people in mind.
We have put a lot of effort into making your initial setup as easy as possible. We have cut down unnecessary information from our emails that would only distract you. The first thing you will see after you log into your control panel is an intuitive step-by-step getting started guide. It will guide you in an easy and fast way through all most common activities such as creating an email account, configuring your local email client, or uploading your website (if you already have one).
If none of our Flash movies and massive KB articles don't help, you can always ask our dedicated support staff for help, day or night, through help desk, email, chat or phone. We will always work as long as is necessary to get your issues solved.
Yes, we can*. Just choose option 'Migration from another host' during ordering process. Our support department will then contact you to obtain the necessary information to enable the migration. If possible, please contact us before for pre-approval if your account is currently on non-cpanel based server.
Yes, we do. For maximal security we utilize backups on a regular basis and transfer them encrypted to external physical facilities.

Domains Pre-Sales FAQ

The 1st gen of TLDs, which we call Vintage, has been available for quite awhile. This group includes all those TLDs extensions deployed between the Internet’s early days (1985) and October 2013. It includes the most common generic TLD extension as .COM, .NET, .INFO and .ORG, as well as specific region and country codes related TLDs, such as .US, SE, .DE, etc.

The 2nd gen of TLDs, known as New TLDs, are all those extensions that have been released (made public) on or after October 2013. In other words, those are the all the TLDs the hype is about, such as .WEBSITE, .GURU, .CLUB, etc.

The advantage of New TLDs is they give you the possibility to chose super-relevant, highly targeted TLD extensions, which are exactly related to your business, hobby, product, community or other activity and interests you want to register a domain for. That opens a total new dimension when it comes to branding and establishing an appealing online presence. Regardless of your intention or goal, the bottom line is that we at want to make it possible for everyone to take advantage of the currently ongoing domain-related Internet revolution.

We have in several different ways made it easier for you to find suitable domain extensions and register domains. One important point is that all TLD extensions found on our website are available for immediate registration.*

Furthermore, we have grouped and categorized all TLDs, including the new ones, into appropriate groups (sections) via tabs and quick links. Tabs can be used as a reference (starting) point for broad filtering. You can then narrow your TLD extension search by using the category links located just under the tabs. Use them to quickly jump to the extensions of a specific category.

Or, use the Alphabetic tab if you know exactly which extension you want to register.

*Except for those that are in the last Pre-GA phase. Such extensions are clearly marked with 'PGA.'

Usually yes. However, we at offer an add-on service called 'Total ID-Protect'. Total ID-Protect protects your personal information by shielding you with other information unrelated to you. This way you will be protected from spammers or identity theft.

Our 'Total ID-Protect' works a bit differently than other similar services that can be found out there because we utilize a system that is totally in accordance with ICAAN regulations and is bulletproof safe to hide your real personal information from publicly searchable WHOIS databases. An advantage with our Total ID-Protect is that you will still remain in full ownership of your domain. If someone tries to contact you, they will get redirected to send an email through an unmarked form. You can then choose whether you want to answer or not.

Relax, we got you covered. Use our domain name spinner and get clever domain suggestions on the spot! Just click on the 'Domain Spinner' link in the order form.

Yes, that is included for free with every domain registration.

Yes. Enter the following into your browser’s URL field:


You will find the server IP and your control panel account name in the welcome email with your login information.

We always set you or your company as domain registrant. This means that you, as our customer, individual or company, always own the domain name and it will be you that is submitted into the public WHIOS database. You can, however, choose not to submit your registrar information by using protected domain registration - ID Protect. In fact, we recommend such registrations to protect your personal information and integrity from spammers and identity theft.

Yes, very easy. You can choose to park, redirect or add new domains into your hosting account whenever you want to.

Do Hostatiq support the following technologies & functions?

Although it is deprecated in PHP 5.4.0., you can still use it with PHP 5.3 by activating it from the control panel’s PHP selector.

Sure, you can create and connect auto-responders to all your E-mail addresses.

Yes, you can set the layout through the control panel or upload your own error pages.

Yes, you have access to full FTP facilities free of charge.

Yes, for file transfer and remote logins over the internet with a private SSH Key.

Yes, standard and advanced setup is available free of charge.

Yes, all hosting plans will have access to your private CGI-Bin, even add-on domains.

Yes, as every hosting account main domain act as a catchall mailbox. All undefined E-mail messages will automatically be delivered to the main domain mail box. We do however recommend using a real POP or IMAP E-mail address to catch all E-mail address. Otherwise, there is a risk that the absence of a real POP or IMAP E-mail address at the receipts (yours) side may “look” like the receipts don’t exist and in that way cause the email message to be trapped by some spam boxes before it reaches your account.

Yes – in fact, we encourage that.

This feature was deprecated as of PHP 5.3.0 and removed as of PHP 5.4.0.

From your control panel, you may easily switch between version 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or 7.0.

128MB. This can be expanded if you use your own php.ini file. (Don’t confuse this with the theoretical infinite file size upload through FTP)

Max. 300 continuous connections; Max 999 sec long Apache queries; Max 300 sec long PHP sessions; Max 50MB as PHP uploading limit.


Absolutely. The integrity of our customers’ personal and payment information is our primary concern. Therefore all transfers of case sensitive information is done through a 2048bit SSL secured encryption. We do not store your credit card information because that is handled by third party certified partners such as PayPal™ and 2CO™.

For all your files stored in your web hosting account, we are using several layers of security to guarantee integrity of them and your account. From robust security software solutions, external backup, to biometric physical facilities access security controls.

No, not at all. Our services are designed from 'ordinary users' perspectives in mind. web hosting can be used by non-technically minded as professionals. We have a large collection of pre-installed scripts and web apps. They do not requires any technical knowledge to launch or use. If you are advanced users you can develop your own scripts. We support most common programming languages as JavaScript, PERL, PHP, Ruby etc.

No, that is not allowed. Web Hosting Accounts which do not respect these conditions may be shut down without warning. Please read our Terms of Service for detailed information.

Sure you can. Our latest generation web site builder, SiteWOW!, lets you easily, within minutes, create a professional website without any technical knowledge or programming.

No, not at all. You decide how long you will stay with us.

You have 24/7/365 full access to all of our support resources. You can open a ticket from support desk, call us or use massive support resources as our knowledge base, Flash guides and live chat. Our support staff will start to work on your query immediately and they will respond you fast. We have always dedicated support staff who will take care of all your questions or issues.

::::: To login to client area you can either:

1) Open and click on the 'Client Area login' in the top menu;

2) Enter: in your browser and it will take you directly to the login page;

To open the control panel, click on the 'cPanel Open' link in client area.

::::: To log in to your webmail:

Enter in the browser URL field: ( Example: )

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