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180 Days Tracking Cookies

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14 Day Payouts*

Web Hosting Affiliate Program With Future-proof Attitude

Highest commission level from first sale - No minimum sales per month required.

Regardless if you have a website, blog, forum or some other traffic source, we will make it easy for you to turn your visitors into real cash.

Through the Hostatiq web hosting affiliate program, you can create a continuous and passive income stream by promoting our popular web hosting services, as they have high conversion rates.

It was you who created a website. It was you who invested passion, money, time and sweat to get visitors to it. Coming so far, it should also be you who earns the money from its traffic. After all, common sense says that you, as a webmaster, deserve it.

Those are strong reasons why you should let the Hostatiq web hosting affiliate program enter the picture now, especially because our affiliate program only means benefits for you. We will actively work with you to help you achieve a highest possible profit return out of your web presence.

Signing up with our hosting affiliate program, you will be making an excellent business decision from a short term and long term perspective. It will have a positive impact on your website on several levels. Besides the obvious economical benefit for you today, it is also a safe card to play on in the long run. As we have been connected with the hosting industry for a long time, we know how to use modern technology efficiently in order to maximize your affiliate efforts.

The presence of our marketing materials on your website(s) will also show your visitors that you are affiliated with a reputable company that conducts business with a high level of ethical standards.

Our web hosting affiliate program is the golden link between you and a lucrative passive income setup opportunity on global level. To simplify the story, you are about to enter and secure your part from a multi-million dollar sub-industry related to hosting.

How much money can I make?

At the end of the day, aside from all bells and whistles, for you as an affiliate, it’s (all) about the profit.

The following examples will give you a concrete hint for possible monthly income if we suppose your average commission amount generated per sale is $100.

x 10 =

$1000 a month

x 50 =

$5000 a month

x 100 =

$10,000 a month

x wow =

$OMG! a month

What makes our hosting affiliate program unique is that we do not skimp on the commission amount we pay for sale provided. #4141490 In other words, every sale of a BIZ hosting plan will generate a generous $100 in commission for you - from the first sale provided. That makes us one of the highest paid web hosting affiliate programs in the industry. Isn't that great?

Why should I choose the Hostatiq.host Web Hosting Affiliate program?

Web hosting affiliate business is a lucrative, passive income source for many webmasters worldwide. Knowing that, we honestly believe you shouldn’t accept peanuts. After all, we don’t.

Our company business model proceeds on the basis of logical assumption that both parties want to establish a stable, long term cooperation. Such a level of trust from your side is a great point of inspiration and motivation for our affiliate team to keep going and reach new heights. Therefore, it is of great importance to us that you feel comfortable with our mutual setup.

We value high your contribution as an affiliate into making our client base growing exponentially. As such, you play an important role in our expansion strategy.

Last but not least, we know what it takes to get there, for you as a webmaster.

These are the reasons we decided to share a generous $100 per sale of our income with you. We believe that such a business model is the only true win-win setup and totally future proof.

Last, but not least, there is a big advantage for you. For you, there are absolutely no risks or commitments involved. All the “dirty” work is done by us. You just need to send traffic to our website – and cash out your affiliate commission.

The bottom line is that our strong financial base with robust infrastructure and dedicated staff makes us a reliable partner for you to cooperate with when it comes to monetizing your online presence.

Now, it’s your turn.

How Does It Work

Your part is easy: sign up and add marketing materials to your website. Our system will then track all traffic sent by your links and you’ll get a commission for every sale such traffic generates. It’s as simple as that.

  • 1. Sign Up

  • 2. Link To Our Website

  • 3. Your Traffic Generates Revenue

  • 4. Cash Out

Be your own boss,
your own way

Top Web Hosting Affiliate Program FAQ

Individuals aged 18 or older, business entities, organizations, non-profit organizations, etc. can join our web hosting affiliate program.

Click one of the red 'START MAKING MONEY NOW' buttons found at the top or bottom of this webpage, or click here. Signing up is a simple no-brainer two-step process.

No, not at all. You can join our affiliate program regardless of being a registered business or not.

Generally speaking, we accept about 99.7% of websites. Websites that are not allowed include, but are not limited to, those which promote or sell the following: Pornography, illegal content, warez, piracy, torrent download hubs with piracy, malware and virus farms, phishing sites, tobacco and alcohol, gambling (online casinos), race profiling, extremism of any kind, fundamentalism, speech of hate, terrorist activity, etc.

For more detailed information, please read the Affiliate Conditions which is integrated as part of our TOS.

If you are unsure, you are welcome to contact our affiliate department before or after you sign up, and we will gladly assist you in your doubts.

No, it is strictly forbidden and can result in suspension of your affiliate account. For more information around the subject, please familiarize yourself with our Affiliate Conditions.

You may freely use Google AdWords PPC (pay-per-click) or similar marketing models to drive traffic to our website. The only exception is PPC bidding on the following trademarks and/or their related keywords and phrases: Hostatiq, Hostatiq.host, www.hostatiq.host, Humanized Hosting, Humanized Web Hosting regardless of the uppercase/lowercase combination.

It is 180 days. That means if someone is clicking on your affiliate link and purchasing something during the 180 days, you will earn a commission.

You can initiate an affiliate withdrawal request whenever you want to. Just log in to your affiliate user account area and make affiliate withdrawal requests. Your earned commission will then be paid out within five business days. At the present state, we also utilize a 90 day commission payout threshold, which is a business standard as a protection against possible chargebacks.

We currently use PayPal for payments to all our affiliates.

As soon we have approved your sign-up application, you'll get access to the affiliate user area. There you can follow visitor statistics, your sales, commission statistics, etc.

In the user area you'll find a marketing material in the form of graphical banners and textual ads. They have embedded your unique affiliate-ID. When someone makes a purchase after clicking on such a unique affiliate-ID link, the affiliate system will record that and issue you a commission.

We use a completely transparent and easily calculated formula to determine your commission. As the commission amount is based on the hosting plan, the following formula can be applied:

[(Number of PIXEL, PRO or BIZ plan sales) x ($50, $75 or $100)] = your total commission amount.

Example: 7 PIXEL Plans x $50 + 6 PRO Plans x $75 + 5 BIZ Plans x $100 = $1300 a month.

In other words, for every sale you provide, you will always receive the highest commission, without the requirement to reach a "minimum sales per month" threshold.

Our affiliate system will automatically calculate your commission share and the figures you'll see in your statistic panel represent the full amount of what will be paid out to you.

If you are already an established high-volume affiliate with a proven track record (website, blog, etc.), then you can get paid as soon as fourteen (14) days after a recorded affiliated sale. Please be aware that such inquiries will be subject to approval on an individual basis. You may contact your affiliate manager for more information.

IMPORTANT! Please sign up and/or contact us from the same domain as your business or website. Example: [email protected], or something similar. That will reduce the validation process and speed up processing time tremendously.

We do provide graphical and textual banners/ads.

Yes and no. In general, we do not allow the use of email marketing as a way to promote our affiliate links, but marketing to a larger legitimate opt-in-based email list can be considered. If that is the case, please get in touch with us with the information about your list for approval. Furthermore, we have absolutely ZERO tolerance when it comes to SPAM. Please read our Affiliate Conditions guidelines included in our TOS.

"Web is money. Yours."

Hostatiq.host Affiliate Manager Team

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