Why Hostatiq

23 Advantages

Hostatiq web hosting services cover the needs for website, domain, email, advertising and other crucial activities for you to quick and easy establish a professional presence on the Internet. Our ‘receipt’ for that is straightforward information without unnecessary technical details, with a focus on low learning curve instead.

Comprehensive web hosting solutions

Our main idea with Hostatiq.host web hosting was to collect everything under ‘one roof’ – everything you will need in web hosting services and its necessary related services.

Regardless of what for or why you need web hosting, with Humanized Web Hosting as a base, we have built it so that you will get the most out of today’s modern web hosting technologies. It does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced user, Humanized Web Hosting offers the same possibilities to all.

Hosting plans for today & the future

We have handpicked and further developed the finest hosting technology and tools that is possible to find today, humanized it, optimized it and packaged it into easy to use, powerful future-proof hosting plans. Regardless your objective, Hostatiq.host Humanized Hosting plans will give you right tools, knowledge, and support enthusiasm to bring you to the goal. Without any chance to get lost in trivialities.

Our perception of successful web hosting service is not based on a bunch of fancy web tools. No, instead an intelligently developed and packed SOLUTION will help you achieve your goals online.

Humanized hosting philosophy opens new possibilities

The Humanized hosting philosophy reflects on all aspect: By simplified website navigation, streamlined ordering process, intuitive user interface, powerful web apps, easy management of your web presence etc. you will take advantage of the finest hosting technology available, tamed and adapted for webmasters in real life.

Humanized hosting is a natural and logical evolution from human and technological perspective in hosting sphere that utilize the best parts of classic hosting, web hosting and unlimited hosting legacy. That means simplified approach, but same powerful tools and fast-turnaround results.

Create a website without programming

All our web hosting users get free access to 2 web site builders: SitePro and SitePad.

SitePro is Hostatiq.host’s powered site builder – the latest generation of progressive online based site builder. With its blazing fast responsive user interface it only takes a few minutes to get a website online, and requires no technical knowledge. Premium templates are already included free of charge. read more

High grade servers and sharp coded system foundation

We only use certified high quality servers, cloud connected with almost infinity expandable resources possibilities. That is the wide foundation, the ‘bare metal’ core that all our system rely on. They deliver vastly processing power with high performance and stability.

Of course, there are hardware-based firewalls and for each server and systems and industry prominent DDOS mitigation facilities. Backup is performed daily external server facilities for maximum security. All our server facilities use double advanced power redundancy solution for complete protection during power failures.

Multilingual control panel

All account management, technical and administrative are performed through user-friendly, customized and multilingual control panel. From the control panel, you can perform all necessary tasks as upload files, manage the website, create e-mail etc. It is skin-based and you can easily change the layout or language.

Safe handling of personal data and daily security scanning

Progressive security thinking & mentality is an important factor when it comes to utilizing Humanized Web Hosting philosophy. We do take our customers privacy and security very seriously. Any exchange of sensitive data is protected by SSL 128-bit secured line through certified SSL certificates. Also we have undertaken major safety measures ensure all you files on our system several layer integrity.

Synchronize E-mail on different devices

You have full IMAP access for all your email addresses created with us. Whether you use your laptop, desktop computer, iPhone & iPad, or other handheld devices, you email will always follow you and be synchronized, regardless which computer or device you use for the moment. Our IMAP service is free and supports all popular e-mail applications like Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird etc.

Intuitive statistics

One of the crucial things once your website is online and you start to get visitors to it, is finding out who is visiting your website and find out your visitors’ habits. That will help you to further optimize it and get even more visitors. Therefore all our hosting plans have functions for detailed analytics tracking. It will segment your visitors by demographic, time point, by which browser they use, what the OS is etc.

Virus and spam protection for your E-mail and files

One of the advantages when moving in to Hostatiq.host, is that you can say goodbye to viruses, malwares and unsolicited e-mail and advertising. By enabling Boxtrapper or SpamAssassin, you will never again have to swim through among tons of junk to find emails that you need. Our solutions will stop 99.9% of spam. You can also set up so that each sender must validate itself before the email message is allowed to come into to your inbox. Virus wash for all files is performed on multiple server levels.

Instant activation* with flexible payment options

Pay as you like. We accept payments by 2CO, Credit Cards and by PayPal, the leading service for secure online payment. Your order will always be processed almost instantly, 24/7/365.

Quick start guide

No worries about ‘how to start’ syndrome. You will be intelligent guided by our Getting Started guide. It will automatically activate itself as soon you first time login to control panel and guide you through those most important settings for your hosting account.

Remote access to your E-mail

All your emails and every email account you create with us can be accessed direct from your browser through our webmail applications. You just need Internet-connected computer or mobile, handheld device. No need to install dedicated email client on your unit. Convenient webmail access to your email from work, on the field, when you are out or when you’re on the road.

No contracts

The world is dynamic place, loves, jobs and friends comes and leaves. Choice of web hosting services doesn’t necessary last forever. We will always respect your choice of web hosting. Regardless you will move in to us, or move out. Therefore we don’t have any contracts. For maximum flexibility, simply, stay with us as long you pays.

We protect your identity with ID-Protect **

ICANN regulations requires that your personal data such as name and address, entered at the domain registration will be available in publicly accessible databases. Anyone of millions of Internet users, even anonymous, will be able to see your personal information, at any time. Therefore we allow you to protect your privacy on the Internet by performing the protected domain registration through patented service for ID Protect. We utilize full ID protect, not just a static mask and it’s fully comply with ICANN regulator rules.

Local browser-based file management

You don’t need to use FTP applications to work with your online files any more. With hosting plans built in file managers you can work with your files on the server as if they were on your local computer. You can choose different levels of interface, and of course you can use features such as copy, delete, move, rename, even extract zip files directly into your hosting account file directory.

Pre-installed most loved web apps, $600 value

Hostatiq.host wants its clients to use the best of the internet world, without boundaries. We believe that everyone should be able to develop, explore and take advantage of the online world, regardless of their technical level. Therefore we provide you with 440+ CLICK’N’INSTALL SCRIPTS system. You will be able to directly from the control panel, with a few mouse clicks, install 310 most popular web applications and tools. At no extra cost you can in the minutes start your own blog, discussion forum, online shop, CMS, and much more. They includes also worldwide know apps as WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Tiki Wiki and many more. read more

One centralised login regardless of account & domain number

If you work on several projects at once or multi-domains account, you don’t have to remember & enter login credentials for each of them every time you login. Now you can access them from a one, centralized login.

$100 Google AdWords credits for instant marketing *

Start promoting yourself professionally at no extra charge to quickly get visitors to your website. We reach a little further than you would expect from a web hosting company, and give all our customers up to $100 worth of Google AdWords advertising vouchers. Start from the top instead. It is for us important to you from our side experience value and maximize your investment when choosing web hosting. Targeted traffic is the key. read more

Unlimited around the clock professional support & assistance

If you need help or answers to questions that you do not find in our knowledge base, and Flash-to guides, then you can open a trouble ticket or use the live chat to obtain quick and professional help. Whatever you need help with, we will always work on your query until we reach a solution for your problem. The members of the support staff are veterans from the hosting industry and will answer inquiries in a direct and easy to understand way that both novices and pros understand.

111 day money back guarantee

We are very pleased to offer an industry unique unconditional 111 day-money-back-guarantee. Should you decide to leave us, whatever the reason, you may at any time within 111 days after signing up request a refund, without unnecessary questions from our side.

99.999% uptime

Our entire network, servers, facilities and business is staffed around the clock by specially trained personnel and technicians whose task is to make things ‘running’, by safeguarding your website content, your E-mail an make them to be available 24/7/365. In collaboration with intelligent deployed technology connected and developed on a unique cloud architecture with ongoing active backup, we make the dream of almost 100% uptime a reality.

Web Site Builders

Build a stunning website in minutes

Two Web Site Builders Are Better Than One

For fast and professional results, do it yourself

If you want to quickly and easily establish a professional-looking online presence in the form of a website – preferably without spending thousands of dollars and waiting several weeks on a graphic designer or design agency to deliver the first outline, then don’t worry. The only thing you need is a web browser and a coffee break. And that’s it. Seriously.

We have, in the true spirit of our Humanized Web Hosting philosophy, included with our hosting plans not only one, but two popular and high quality DIY website builders: SitePro and SitePad. With a sea of different website builders available on the market, all similarities stop here.

Because the site builders are included in your web hosting plan, you will not only be able to set up a web site without programming skills in minutes, but it will be a web site that you and your business can actually take advantage of – with rich graphical appearance, easy navigation, social media connections and plenty more functions that will distinguish your online appearance from the crowd.

You just need an internet connected computer to manage your web site with both of our site builders. No coding, scrambling or voodoo required. Nothing to download, nothing to upload. We are truly proud that our included site builders, SitePro and SitePad, are used daily by thousands of people around the globe to build and manage their web sites. It’s easy, fun and possibly addictive to build web sites with our site builders. Spend the time you will gain with your family, friends, or by really enjoying dolce vita.

Happy site building!

Included Web Site Builders

Personal Trainer 1


In today’s competitive online market it is important that your web site distinguishes itself from the crowd. With SitePro’s latest generation WYSIWYG web site builder, you will be able to create and publish astonishing web sites, fast and easy. To add an object or function, just drag and drop it to the desired area. To change or edit, just click on it. No complicated sub-menus or page jumping. No coding or programming skills required.

SitePad Features

  • Responsive design
  • Looks great on any device
  • 309+ themes
  • 40+ widgets
  • Social share buttons
  • Multiple sites
  • Customize menu
  • Blog
  • Grid gallery
  • Slick interface
Personal Trainer 2


SitePro site builder utilize the latest achievements in modern hosting technology and has been developed in the true spirit of our unique Humanized Web Hosting concept. That means that you can take advantage of its truly drag and drop workflow, blazing fast responsive GUI, and 120+ premium templates included by default. Build a stunning website in minutes.

SitePro Features

  • Easy to use site builder
  • 40+ languages
  • Multilanguage website
  • 170+ templates
  • No limitation for Design or grid
  • Responsive design
  • Image gallery, FLASH
  • PayPal button
  • Blazing fast
Personal Trainer 1

Weebly **

Weebly’s drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills. Over 40 million entrepreneurs and small businesses have already used Weebly to build their online presence with a website, blog or store.

The easy drag & drop builder allows you to create a professional website with no technical skills required. Choose different elements to add photos, maps or videos by just dragging and dropping them into place, right from your web browser.

Weebly Features

  • Drag and drop tools
  • Ecommerce solution
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Embed video
  • Blogging
  • Photos galleries & slideshows
  • Custom contact forms

"Hostatiq.host included website builders are lifesaver for entrepreneurs and small businesses"

1-Click Install Scripts

Spend Time on Exploration & Creation, not Installation

There is a reason why you wouldn’t to try and squeeze an elephant into a shoebox… unless you have a small enough elephant and/or large enough shoebox of course. But still, both of you shouldn’t be feeling comfortable with such a setup for obvious reasons. Because of many practical and ethical reasons it is not so common to see such a setup around in public. But what does this have to do with modern web hosting technology?


Well, not so long ago, web hosting users widely accepted being limited and trapped just with one script or function per hosting account. If a user was tempted, or forced, to install and explore new scripts or functions, then it was necessary to lay down a lot of manual work to make it happen. If a user didn’t have a technological background, then he was forced to contact support and sometimes to go through a painful account restore process which could also be time-consuming.

Too much unnecessary hassle, just to make it possible to install a new script or web apps.

Fortunately, at Hostatiq.host you will not have such limitations.

Our hosting plans give you the possibility to use literally hundreds of popular scripts and web apps – in one single web hosting account, and without going through tremendous and painful manual installation processes or account restorations every time. Thanks to 2 included auto installers, you’ll have them all instead. That’s right. 440+ web apps that you can launch at any time, without manual installation – just with a few mouse clicks.

Think and create outside the box

We have included a famous and well established app-installer in our hosting plans: Softaculous.Instead of choosing between, for example, a web site, blog, forum, image gallery or online store etc. – now you can have them all. Experiment and explore, test and customize. Install or remove them whenever you want. A list with all included Softaculous scripts can be found here.

"440+ web apps that you can launch at any time, without manual installation"

Marketing Suite

Show the world what you’ve got – now!

$100 Google AdWords Voucher

So you have uploaded your great looking website, created a blog with our 1 click’n’install machine, and now visitors will automatically find your creation, right? Well, if it were so easy, then the globe should have more millionaires than Justin Bieber fans.

Google AdWords Logo

The truth is, no matter how good looking or cool your web site is, nothing will begin to happen if you do not send targeted traffic to it. Therefore we have partnered with some of the leading companies in this field to close this gap that traditional web hosting services usually fail on.

The advantage of our marketing suite is that you will be able to take advantage of several traffic sources – both the organic search traffic, boosted by SEO tools provided by Attracta, and by traffic sent by the Google AdWords system.

How To Choose Hosting



Green, yellow or red candy bag? Is it as simple as this to choose a web hosting provider? Selecting a suitable web hosting company is one of the most crucial decisions to be made by you on your route to creating and publishing your project online. Simply because it is directly linked with the performance of your website, success of the business, and your hard work overall.

We believe that for you as a client, web hosting should only mean benefits and advantages. Our rich history from many years in the hosting industry, as we have been involved and participated in the development of several web hosting companies from the ground up, has given us unparalleled insight into what is crucial in this matter. In other words – we ‘know the drill’.

Well, after frequently receiving so many pre-sales question about “the pointers to look for when choosing web hosting” from customers, it’s quite obvious.

When looking for web hosting, the list needed to check out and compare as per your site’s requirements can be quite long. Like the overall up-time, backup facility, site builder, etc. are just a few pointers to look for. We can recommend the following pointers as a guideline for you to check:


  • SAII70 facilities
  • Cloud based underlying architecture
  • External backup facilities
  • Redundancy solution
  • 99, 999% up time SLA
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Progressive Control panel
  • One log-in management for all client services
  • Site builder with DIY templates ability
  • At least 3/10 level as humanized hosting index
  • Anti-mobbing commitment insurance agreement signed by its employees

We believe that these are a few important pointers to check while selecting a web hosting company. In fact, the list can be made longer. Pointers, such as RAID 10, Green approved, scalable future-proof technology, cloud based underlying architecture, minimum 3/10 level as humanized hosting index, and anti-mobbing commitment insurance agreement signed by its employees should also be considered.

Google AdWords Logo

"I like it when I get different candy bags, but my parents say that some of them aren’t good for my teeth. Silly them. I don’t need to worry as I don't have any teeth yet, he-he! Hmm... Actually, I’m wondering whether I should be happy or sad about that..."

How We Built Hostatiq

The ‘thing’ we brought to life

Some basic insight

Here we will try to explain the human and technological aspect behind the initial idea and the birth of the Humanized Web Hosting platform itself.

First, with our Humanized web hosting concept, values for client such as space, CPU power and RAM are pretty abstract. Why? Because the power we gain from countless machines combined in the cloud extends by multiple times every what users can get with ‘standard’ hosting.

You may be asking yourself – but if this is so, why don’t you offer so-called ‘unlimited’ hosting plans? Here comes the interesting part. The only reason why we don’t offer such ‘unlimited’ plans is that it is often a synonym with shared web hosting on single machines and overselling, which in fact are NOT unlimited.

So there is actually a paradox – we could with a clear conscious promote ‘unlimited’ hosting plans as our cloud infrastructure can literally handle that. However, we are not doing so.

We are offering GIGANTIC hosting plans. And there are several reasons for that.

On the other hand, hosting services that use single machines to host their clients, and are in every way limited by space, CPU etc. – they use to market them as ‘Unlimited’. Confusing, huh? Yes, we are living in a strange world.

But as our Humanized Web Hosting philosophy is based on honesty, we chose to be on the safe side – even if that costs us some clients (who couldn’t get something they would never use anyway!).

The Hostatiq.host project is a result of a brainstorm from several hosting enthusiasts and professionals. One important driving force for this project was the one thing that we had in common. We were irritated by the fact that hosting technology achievements didn’t breach one crucial aspect: adaption of an easier, more user-friendly experience for customers.

Somehow the usability of the main part in the hosting industry is still on the same level as in the 1990′s. We spotted a big gap between technical achievements and being user-friendly, as those 2 aspects did not follow each other. That was one of the main reasons we started to develop Hostatiq.

An authentic hand-drawn mind map sketch of Hostatiq’s setup

Card image cap

An authentic hand-drawn mind map sketch of Hostatiq’s setup

Under one warm and sleepless summer night somewhere in Europe in the middle of 2006, the founder of Hostatiq.host had an idea: Why not centralize every aspect of hosting for clients? To round all the necessary web hosting services and the most common related services and actions (such as marketing and security) into one unified solution. Of course, clients should have access to all that with just one login, regardless of how many hosting plans or domains they have.

When Hostatiq was registered, we were very anxious to get it up and running. Very quickly we clearly understood that present technology couldn’t deliver some solutions we had in mind. Like the ‘natural born’ geeks that we are, we decide to walk the path (actually that was the only possible way) described by Jared Diamond. His words that ‘technology has to be invented or adopted’ perfectly fits our vision.

Just around that described period, the founder of the Hostatiq.host ground concept heard the famous song ‘Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That’ (or maybe another version of it) and the decision to lay down thousands upon thousands of working hours was made.

Basically we put ourselves in the shoes of our favorite baker and imagined someone telling us: “Make the cake of your life – without any boundaries or frames. Then, pack that cake into transparent boxes and deliver it to the public.”

Of course, that is an ongoing process. Now when we are online we will in conjunction with our users even further improve our humanized hosting which utilizes the legacy of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and contemporary WWW usage.

Summarized, we at HOSTATIQ want to give you a free lane for whichever route you take to enter and stay in the World Wide Web.

111 Day Money Back Guarantee - Instant Activation

* It can take up to 24 hours if additional security checks need to be performed.

** Add-on service.

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